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Collection of Weiqiao Textile antibacterial function series products
(InputDate:2020/7/10 11:46:39 From:Weiqiao Pioneering)

The following are antibacterial function products newly developed by Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd:

1.Anti-bacterial products
Product features: High-quality, viscose-based, antibacterial, odor elimination

2.Silver fiber antibacterial products
Product features: Prominent antibacterial effect with long-lasting sterilization

3.Aiwa plant antibacterial bamboo fiber series
Product features: Plant ingredients antibacterial, bamboo fiber

4.Mint antibacterial viscose series
Product features: Plant ingredients antibacterial and cool effect

5.Hemp fine yarn and fabric series
Product features: Natural anti-bacterial function, high count, refinement

6.100% cotton permanent antibacterial series
Product features: Durable antibacterial effect, pure cotton material

7.Graphene functional product series
Product features: Far infrared, improving human microcirculation, antibacterial, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet

8.Seaweed fiber series
Product features: Inherent flame retardant, hemostatic and antibacterial, moisturizing and skin care

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