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Weiqiao Pioneering Group and Germany Schulz Group planned to jointly build a Sino-German Recycling Industrial Park
(InputDate:2020/6/16 9:44:54 From:Weiqiao Pioneering)

On June 9, Weiqiao Pioneering Group and the Germany Schulz Group signed a cooperation agreement in Huimin county. According to the agreement, the two sides would further promote the cooperation project of Huimin Sino-German Recycling Industrial Park, and jointly develop and produce in the fields of recycled aluminum, scrapped cars and white household appliances recycling, battery recycling, etc., with a view to creating a world-class recycling industrial park.

Yin Meiying, secretary of Huimin county Party Committee, Liu Weizhong, Mayor of Huimin county, Zhang Bo, chairman of Weiqiao Pioneering Group, and Su Han, president and CEO of Schulz Group, attended the signing ceremony.

Yin Meiying introduced the general situation of Huimin county. She hoped that the two sides would further strengthen cooperation and promote the implementation of the project better, faster and more efficiently.

Su Han said that Weiqiao Pioneering Group was an outstanding representative of China''s manufacturing industry, leading the world in the two Red Sea areas of "textile" and "aluminum", and leading the innovation of two industries worldwide. What Schulz appreciated was that Weiqiao Pioneering Group had made many significant deployments in innovation, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection and sustainable development in recent years, which coincided with Schulz''s values and technical experience advantages, and he hoped that the two powerful enterprises would jointly promote the development of the industry.

Zhang Bo said that the recycling industry was an important part of the circular economy and was a sunrise industry. In the long run, its mature development would benefit the enterprise, the country and the whole mankind. We had incorporated the development of recycling industry into the Group''s development strategy. Schulz was a top enterprise not only in Germany, but also in the field of metal recycling in the world. He hoped that both sides would strengthen communication and coordination, further deepen cooperation and strive to make the project to be a benchmark project for China''s sustainable development.

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