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The memorial ceremony for the first anniversary of the death of former chairman Zhang Shiping and the unveiling ceremony of his memorial hall were held
(InputDate:2020/6/13 17:06:34 From:Weiqiao Pioneering)

May 23, 2020 was the first anniversary of the death of Zhang Shiping, the founder of Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group, the former secretary of the Party committee and the former chairman of Weiqiao Pioneering Group. In the morning, after nearly a year of construction, Zhang Shiping Memorial Hall was officially completed. Weiqiao Pioneering Group held a solemn and simple memorial ceremony and unveiling ceremony to reminisce about the former chairman Zhang Shiping.

The former chairman Zhang Shiping was friendly during his lifetime. The leaders of Zouping municipal Party committee and municipal government, representatives of municipal departments, towns and streets, partners of Weiqiao Pioneering Group, and staff representatives of all units of the Group attended the memorial ceremony and unveiling ceremony. 4600 cadre and staff representatives participated in the video conference in 33 sub venues in Binzhou, Weihai, Weiqiao, Beihai and Indonesia.

At the ceremony, Pi Taitian, secretary of Zouping municipal Party committee, and Hu Yunjiang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and deputy mayor, unveiled the memorial hall. Zheng Shuliang, the former chairman''''s wife, unveiled the bronze statue. "A letter to my father" written by Zhang Hongxia, secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the Group, was played with audio. The representative of the old workers Sun Chenglin made a speech. Zhang Bo, chairman of the Group, and Pi Taitian, secretary of Zouping municipal Party committee made speeches.

Zhang Bo said in his speech that on the same day a year ago, the former chairman left us forever with his incomparable love for this entrepreneurial hot land, infinite attachment to this cause and infinite concern for all employees, which made us suffer from the impact and suffering of a huge emotional storm. However, in the mind of Weiqiao pioneers, he never left. He not only personally created a manufacturing platform with global competitiveness, but also left an extremely rich and valuable spiritual wealth. His entrepreneurial experience always inspires all employees, his struggle spirit always inspires all employees, and his lofty character is always in the hearts of all employees.

Zhang Bo pointed out that when we looked back on chairman Zhang Shiping, we should learn and inherit his noble character of sticking to his faith and devoting himself to his ideals, patriotic feelings of cherishing the motherland and serving the country through industry, pragmatic spirit of seeking truth from facts and grasping practical work, mission of reform and development, his people''''s position of caring for employees and the masses and fine style of self-discipline and hard work.

Pi Taitian pointed out in his speech that Zhang Shiping was the founder of Weiqiao Pioneering Group and had made great contributions to the expansion of Zouping''''s economy. In his whole life, he started business for the country and brought benefits to the people. He created a great cause of development that could be recorded in history, left precious spiritual wealth, and became the spiritual force to inspire Zouping entrepreneurs and Zouping people''''s innovation and entrepreneurship. We deeply reminisced about Zhang Shiping. We reminisced about his enterprising spirit of serving the country through industry, his courage of reform and his love of home and country.

The new leadership would inherit Zhang Shiping''''s legacy. Under the leadership of Zhang Bo, Weiqiao Pioneering Group would seize the opportunity of the times and accelerate the transformation and upgrading with its firm political position, extraordinary strategic vision and strong responsibility. "Entrepreneurship Weiqiao" was accelerating towards "Innovation Weiqiao" and "Technology Weiqiao". The industrial level was more advanced. The driving force for innovation was stronger. Green transformation had achieved remarkable results. The group would contribute to the society and show its responsibility.

Pi Taitian hoped that Weiqiao Pioneering Group would continue to adhere to Zhang Shiping''''s core concept of " start business for the country and bring benefits to the people", hold high the flag of serving the country through industry, speed up the extension of aluminum industry and textile industry chain, make efforts in the fields of expanding lightweight plate and strengthening textile brand, accelerate the founding of world high-end aluminum industry base and world high-end textile base, and make a new chapter for the revitalization of national industry.
He also hoped that Weiqiao Pioneering Group would continue to adhere to the pioneering spirit of standing up to the tide and being the first to lead the industrial upgrading and then to open up a new way, take the responsibility of serving the local and contributing to the society, and make new contributions for the regional economic development.

After the ceremony, with great respect, the leaders, guests and staff representatives who attended the memorial ceremony looked at the statue of the former chairman Zhang Shiping in turn, watched his 55 years of entrepreneurship together, learned from his spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship, and reminisced about his life of " start business for the country and bring benefits to the people ".

Zhang Shiping Memorial Hall is located in Weiqiao Pioneering Cultural Square. The 73 annual rings in the square symbolize his 73 years of life. The 18 annual rings in the inner circle symbolize his work at the age of 18, and the 55 annual rings in the outer circle symbolize his 55 years of career. The memorial hall implies "the stage in the landscape, the lighthouse in the dense forest", symbolizing that the former chairman is like a towering lighthouse, guiding the direction of the enterprise.

The main building area of the memorial hall is 3500 square meters. There are not only traditional display means such as graphic display boards, giant pictures, holographic images, landscape objects, artistic reliefs, scene restoration, but also modern display methods such as LED curved screens, projection imaging, interactive touch, intelligent guides, etc. The memorial hall includes Preface Hall, Big Tree Hall, Life Track Hall and Industry Hall showing the course of hard work and entrepreneurship, as well as Management Theory Hall, Mission Hall, Entrustment Hall, True Qualities Hall and Ending Hall showing the enterpriser''''s unremitting struggle spirit. The memorial hall comprehensively and multi dimensionally displays the former chairman’s legend of "start business for the country and bring benefits to the people ", and interprets his family and country feelings of serving the country through industry and striving for a lifetime.

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